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Type 65 Coupe Update: Cockpit Aluminum, Battery Box and Fuel Lines   Leave a comment

IMG_8000 - kh6wz - 65 Coupe cockpit al

After several weeks, it is good to get back to work on the Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe. I finally completed drilling the rivet holes for all cockpit aluminum panels, and added a battery cut-off switch as you can see above.

Here is a hint for builders – there is a fairly large gap in the bottom right corner of the driver’s side floor and the “A” shaped piece that meets the transmission tunnel. I looked at several Coupes and Roadsters and they all have this space. However, by pushing on the A-shaped piece from behind (under the chassis and in the engine bay) – this gap can be closed up nicely. See below. . .

IMG_8007 kh6wz - 65 Coupe cockpit Al - fixed space

IMG_8008 - kh6wz - 65 Coupe cockpit Al - fixed space


But what about this area, at the rear of the driver’s side door – indicated by a piece of blue masking tape – see that gap? Does something cover this space up or do I need to fabricate a replacement panel? Both sides look the same.

IMG_8005 - kh6wz - 65 Coupe cockpit Al - correct or not



As mentioned in a previous post, I finally decided to mount the external fuel pump under the Factory Five Metal battery box. This is a protected location and is a low point on the chassis.

IMG_7910 - kh6wz - 65 Coupe - fuel pump location

One problem will be access to the fill and drain holes for the Ford Racing differential. I had to drill out the rivets previously installed and tapped some 1/4-20 holes – this will enable the removal of the battery box when draining and filling the rear end fluid. Not the ideal situation, but I do not see too many alternatives to this arrangement.

My Ford 302 V8 has an MSD Atomic electronic fuel injection system, and I am running both feed and return fuel lines. Here is a picture of the tank end. . .

IMG_8010 - kh6wz - 65 Coupe - fuel line starts

The fuel line runs from the first filter (right side of the chassis) to the fuel pump, and goes around to the driver side. Then it goes under the rear end to the passenger side of the chassis, where it goes to a second fuel filter mounted under the passenger seat, and finally to the engine.

The same path will be used for the return system. Pretty much standard layout.

Next Build Session

Depending on the weather, I will remove all interior panels and paint the under side with automotive under body paint. It is a rubberized black paint which should deaden some road noise, insulate heat and protect the panels from road debris.

Another item on the next to do list is the wiring harness. Here is a look at the main portion. . .


Coming April 27 – Huntington Beach Factory Five Racing Cruise-In   1 comment

The Factory Five Racing Cruise-In at Huntington Beach is expanded to include both Pier Plaza and Main Street this year. On top of all this, a tour of the Riverside Auto Museum and an autocross event is scheduled for Sunday, April 28.

The event is free and open to the public, an entry fee is charged for Factory Five Racing car display space.

Click here for more information on the 2013 event.

Click here for a quick video of last year’s Moment of Thunder.

Here are some random photos from last year’s event. . . .







KH6WZ-IMG_4240 HB cruise-in 2012



KH6WZ IMG_4313 hb cruise in 2012




KH6WZ IMG_4343 hb cruise in 2013



KH6WZ IMG_4388 HB cruise in 2012 - 2



KH6WZ IMG_4355 hb cruise in 2012





The Call from Stewart Transport Came Today   Leave a comment

This afternoon, Bob from Stewart Transport called – the big day finally arrives – Delivery is set for Tuesday afternoon.

Two pairs of jack stands and a floor jack are needed to move the shipment into the shop – check. All ready for the delivery!

I am not going to post any “before” pictures of the garage.

I wonder if I will be able to fit the Coupe and the Prius in the garage

Teaser Box of Stuff from the Factory!   Leave a comment

Just before dinner tonight, I went to check my mailbox. But I stopped when I saw a white box with Factory Five Racing logo on it.

The FedEx man arrived at my house in stealth mode today. I was studying and although I heard a diesel truck stop, I did not hear a box land just outside of my gate.

one of many

This is the first box of stuff for my Type 65 Coupe

I received the manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCOO), the nameplate with my serial number, a set of four rear taillights and a pair of upper control arms for the front suspension.

factory five racing type 65 red taillights

Ahhhhhh, the smell of new car parts is great!

Building Serial Number 586 begins soon.

Coupe Power Plant Ordered   Leave a comment

After some thought and planning, I selected a Ford 302 with electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine and transmission package from the Engine Factory in Lebanon, NJ. This should simplify building the Factory Five Racing Coupe, since everything on the engine will be assembled, tested and ready to go. Chris sent me photos of engines and customers’ installations to whet my appetite. Engines from the Engine Factory are a work of art!

Ford 302 V8, 360hp, electronic fuel injection, EFI

The 350hp, Ford 302 V8 with EFI should be a practical engine for the Type 65 Coupe. It will have a T5z manual transmission.

The EFI unit selected by Engine Factory does not need an external computer, and will increase reliability and reduce emissions. The engine features:

  • Precision machined 302 roller block in Ford Blue
  • Nodular cast iron crankshaft
  • Shot-peened stress relieved connecting rods with 190,00psi ARP bolts
  • Hypereutectic Federal Mogul 9.5 to 1 compression piston w/DuraShield coating
  • Speed Pro chrome moly piston rings
  • 3 piece steel roller style timing chain
  • Steel roller camshaft for mid-range horsepower and great low end torque
  • Melling oil pump and screen
  • Edelbrock rpm aluminum heads 60cc combustion chamber with bronze guides
  • 1.94 stainless steel swirl polished intake valves
  • 1.60 stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves
  • Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum chrome moly steel roller rockers
  • Hard seats for unleaded or regular fuel
  • Heavy duty 1.45 diameter valve springs, 7 degree locks
  • Heavy duty chrome moly push rods
  • Low clearance rear sump 5 quart oil pan
  • Timing chain cover with scale
  • Polished aluminum valve covers
  • Heavy duty 157 tooth standard flywheel
  • Edelbrock Performer RPM dual plane intake manifold
  • Atomic EFI by MSD
  • Pertronix FlameThrower ignition distributor w/45kV coil
  • ACCEL SuperStock 8mm ignition wires, blue — UPDATE — wires in BLACK (car body will be white, with black stripes, this might match better)
  • Thermostat housing
  • High volume chrome fuel pump
  • High flow water pump
  • Dip tube and dipstick
  • 14 inch chrome air cleaner with PCV system
  • Braided steel fuel lines and filter
  • Chrome 100 amp alternator
  • Sandon polished A/C compressor
  • Complete March under-drive polished pulley set
  • Polished chrome alternator bracket
  • Serpentine belt installed and tension adjusted
  • Balanced, blue printed, assembled by ASE technicians
  • QuickTime steel bell housing, clutch kit and starter installed and aligned
  • T5z 5 speed transmission

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Factory Five Racing Coupe: Ordered Today!   Leave a comment

Thanks to Jason and Rick at The Factory – and Dave Smith – president of FFR – for the GREAT 50-50 sale – I have configured and ordered my 65 Coupe component car. I am now looking for a Ford Racing 302 V8, with electronic fuel injection and a Super T5 transmission to complete the list of ingredients.

Delivery is scheduled for late September. I am planning to hold a “Delivery Party” with the local F5R builders and some other friends in the area. Probably another great opportunity for another Networking / End of Summer / Coupe Delivery BBQ!

I will be documenting the build with still images and video, too – so stay tuned!

A gallery of these beautiful cars can be found here: