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Air Conditioning Unit Arrived   Leave a comment

The Southern Air air conditioner from North Racecars arrived earlier this week. The unit is a complete system, and includes the air conditioning pump and engine mounting brackets, condenser, drier, fan speed and temp controller, and hoses. The plastic control panel will not be used — if there is room, I will mount the controls onto the center console or the dash board.

Several Coupe and Roadster builders have used this unit with for their cars. I will have cooling as well as heating and windshield defrosting. Plumbing will be tight, I have seen some completed and in-progress Coupes and will have to stuff things in as tightly as possible.

Installation of this component system is many months away, since I am still waiting for the Coupe kit to arrive. This is not a bad thing – I (still) need to clean out my garage to make room for The Coupe Project!

I will send the A/C pump and its mounting bracket to Chris at the Engine Factory later this week for fitting and testing – this will be an important step.

From North Racecars

Top view of the air conditioner supplied by North Racecars. Some modifications are needed to fit the unit into the Coupe’s dashboard.

More information on this air conditioning unit and other interesting accessories can be found at the North Racecars website:

Coupe Power Plant Ordered   Leave a comment

After some thought and planning, I selected a Ford 302 with electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine and transmission package from the Engine Factory in Lebanon, NJ. This should simplify building the Factory Five Racing Coupe, since everything on the engine will be assembled, tested and ready to go. Chris sent me photos of engines and customers’ installations to whet my appetite. Engines from the Engine Factory are a work of art!

Ford 302 V8, 360hp, electronic fuel injection, EFI

The 350hp, Ford 302 V8 with EFI should be a practical engine for the Type 65 Coupe. It will have a T5z manual transmission.

The EFI unit selected by Engine Factory does not need an external computer, and will increase reliability and reduce emissions. The engine features:

  • Precision machined 302 roller block in Ford Blue
  • Nodular cast iron crankshaft
  • Shot-peened stress relieved connecting rods with 190,00psi ARP bolts
  • Hypereutectic Federal Mogul 9.5 to 1 compression piston w/DuraShield coating
  • Speed Pro chrome moly piston rings
  • 3 piece steel roller style timing chain
  • Steel roller camshaft for mid-range horsepower and great low end torque
  • Melling oil pump and screen
  • Edelbrock rpm aluminum heads 60cc combustion chamber with bronze guides
  • 1.94 stainless steel swirl polished intake valves
  • 1.60 stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves
  • Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum chrome moly steel roller rockers
  • Hard seats for unleaded or regular fuel
  • Heavy duty 1.45 diameter valve springs, 7 degree locks
  • Heavy duty chrome moly push rods
  • Low clearance rear sump 5 quart oil pan
  • Timing chain cover with scale
  • Polished aluminum valve covers
  • Heavy duty 157 tooth standard flywheel
  • Edelbrock Performer RPM dual plane intake manifold
  • Atomic EFI by MSD
  • Pertronix FlameThrower ignition distributor w/45kV coil
  • ACCEL SuperStock 8mm ignition wires, blue — UPDATE — wires in BLACK (car body will be white, with black stripes, this might match better)
  • Thermostat housing
  • High volume chrome fuel pump
  • High flow water pump
  • Dip tube and dipstick
  • 14 inch chrome air cleaner with PCV system
  • Braided steel fuel lines and filter
  • Chrome 100 amp alternator
  • Sandon polished A/C compressor
  • Complete March under-drive polished pulley set
  • Polished chrome alternator bracket
  • Serpentine belt installed and tension adjusted
  • Balanced, blue printed, assembled by ASE technicians
  • QuickTime steel bell housing, clutch kit and starter installed and aligned
  • T5z 5 speed transmission

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