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For the 5 Millionth Time – Stop Using the LinkedIn Default Request   Leave a comment

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Google says there are 4,780,000 results for the search term “how to request connections on LinkedIn.” An additional 10,600,000 results pop out using the search term “default request LinkedIn.” Despite the millions of articles on LinkedIn connecting basics, I continue to receive the dreaded default request to connect on LinkedIn every day.

Don’t be one of those — read more here and connect with me on LinkedIn, using a personalized request.


Warning Sign Too Funny to be Serious   Leave a comment

No speedos or boxers?

No speedos or boxers?

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Great Sign at the Lumber Store – Never Lie   Leave a comment

Saw this and had to share it. .. 

kh6wz - x-ray sign Ganahl Lumber

Is it Just Me – Or is this a great example of a poor headline?   Leave a comment

Posted earlier this week on an industry online newsletter:

“Chevrolet Silverado Features Anti-Corrosion-Resistant Materials”

Does the new truck dissolve – or – what?

>>Click here to see the original story. . . . 

Water Freezes at 40 Degrees in Calif   Leave a comment

Difficult to work in the un-heated garage on days like this. . . .

kh6wz 058

kh6wz 059

kh6wz 064

kh6wz 063

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