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Type 65 Coupe Update: Some Air Conditioner Work, Re-Installing the Firewall and Red Brake Lines   Leave a comment

Not much to report on the Type 65 Coupe Project. I have been doing a lot of other things over the last few weeks. The heat has been making me lazy.

I decided to do some work on the A/C unit for the Coupe. I cut and chopped the housing cover for several hours, and then decided it might be easier to just make a whole new cover using fiberglass and resin. . . . I did some research on composites, epoxy resins, fiberglass and boat repair, and lost-foam casting. Interestingly, I am doing the same research for some stuff at work. I will try my hand at making a custom duct for the A/C unit. I have a layout in my mind, but there are a lot more things that need to go behind the dash panel besides the A/C ducts. The new cover/duct will have to make several 90- and 180-degree bends. I hope to avoid the use of too many fittings by making a single duct/top cover for the A/C unit. Maybe it should be called a “manifold” instead.

Here are some pictures of the air conditioner and the “dry fit” of where it will mount.

IMG_0597 wayne yoshida Coupe AC 2

IMG_0599 wayne yoshida Coupe AC 3


I also re-installed the firewall. I had to take it off and re-paint it with a higher quality silver paint. I do not have pictures of this, but it does look better than before. The paint is “harder” than the other paint I used.

Next, I removed the “bad” brake hoses originally from the Complete Kit and replaced them with the proper red hose from the third technical bulletin from Factory Five Racing. This is the hose going from the reservoir to the master cylinders. The new hose is much softer and easily slipped over the fittings. I hope they won’t leak. We will find out soon when I fill and bleed the system.

IMG_0600 wayne yoshida Coupe - BAD brake lines1


IMG_0601 wayne yoshida Coupe - band brake lines2


IMG_0603 wayne yoshida new red brake lines 1

I also started to look at engine hoist options – I want to drop the engine in SOON!



Air Conditioning Unit Arrived   Leave a comment

The Southern Air air conditioner from North Racecars arrived earlier this week. The unit is a complete system, and includes the air conditioning pump and engine mounting brackets, condenser, drier, fan speed and temp controller, and hoses. The plastic control panel will not be used — if there is room, I will mount the controls onto the center console or the dash board.

Several Coupe and Roadster builders have used this unit with for their cars. I will have cooling as well as heating and windshield defrosting. Plumbing will be tight, I have seen some completed and in-progress Coupes and will have to stuff things in as tightly as possible.

Installation of this component system is many months away, since I am still waiting for the Coupe kit to arrive. This is not a bad thing – I (still) need to clean out my garage to make room for The Coupe Project!

I will send the A/C pump and its mounting bracket to Chris at the Engine Factory later this week for fitting and testing – this will be an important step.

From North Racecars

Top view of the air conditioner supplied by North Racecars. Some modifications are needed to fit the unit into the Coupe’s dashboard.

More information on this air conditioning unit and other interesting accessories can be found at the North Racecars website: