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Colleen Jones earned a You Rock Award for her outstanding seminar on “ATS.”

I attended a seminar on ATS at the Orange County (CA) One Stop Center last year. It was the most useful and informative one hour session I attended, and so Colleen Jones gets one of my “You Rock” awards.

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Wait a second. What’s ATS you say? ATS means “applicant tracking system” – the filter used by companies to find potential employees. An infographic for the ATS is posted on the HireRight blog site. 

I wouldn’t call the resume robots “smart” or “friendly” – but you must create a resume that is smarter and friendlier than the robot scanning your qualifications summary.

Like all weapons in today’s job market, the ATS is a double-edged sword – it can help or hinder companies seeking people to fill job opportunities, and it can help or hinder job-seekers looking for work.

The best advice is to understand what and where the resume robots are looking for – and then fill your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with what the robots are looking for.

If this sounds a lot like SEO – search engine optimization – it is because it is. Placing the proper key words in all the proper places is what you need to feed the ATS – and get that interview invitation!