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Re-Invent Your Career with Transferable Skills   Leave a comment

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Here’s an example of a re-purposed item. An ordinary Phillips head screwdriver became something new by adding a few bends in its shaft. The bends were transferred from some other screwdriver ideas . . . .

Everyone has a set of skills and expertise, no matter who they are or what they do. Think of your skill set as a collection of things you learned from your earliest memories to present day. This is especially important when contemplating your next career move: All of us can jump from one career or position to another, but the jump must be realistic and make sense to anyone looking at your profile and work history. I call this our inventory of transferable skills.

Take a close look at everything you do and everything you know, including any personal, time-off activities such as sports and hobbies. Make a list of your skills and knowledge, then think about how these elements can transfer into your next career. You may discover more possibilities as you examine your list.

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While helping my friend Peter decorate his boat for a Christmas parade, we talked a little bit about work and career events over the last year. Of course, I had to mention LinkedIn and how it helped me. Peter is not on LinkedIn (yet) but I hope he decides to give it a try.

Peter’s extreme Christmas decor aboard his boat includes thousands of individual lights, four microcomputers two generators and hundreds of feet of wires.

Connecting all of these elements together and making them work on a short schedule is a demonstration of Peter’s knowledge and skills. Many, if not all, of these skills are transferable to several career paths.

Here are just some of the skills and expertise needed to create an award-winning Christmas boat entry:

Project planning/project management
Advertising and marketing
Public information/public relations
Computer/microprocessor programming
AC circuitry
Ocean navigation
Programmable logic controllers PLC
Electrical safety
Computer software and hardware

The list is impressive, and it is even more impressive when you remember this is just a short list of things based on one hobby-type of activity.

So as this year comes to a close, I encourage everyone to make a list of transferable skills and expertise, and remember to include both work and non-work activities.

Learn more about leveraging LinkedIn as a career management tool at the LinkedIn workshops at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. If you are out of the area, watch for postings about our live, online sessions. Check the “Calendar & Events” page for dates and times.

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Colleen Jones Rocks!   Leave a comment

Colleen Jones earned a You Rock Award for her outstanding seminar on “ATS.”

I attended a seminar on ATS at the Orange County (CA) One Stop Center last year. It was the most useful and informative one hour session I attended, and so Colleen Jones gets one of my “You Rock” awards.

<<< Take a look at my LinkedIn update post to see the award >>> 

Wait a second. What’s ATS you say? ATS means “applicant tracking system” – the filter used by companies to find potential employees. An infographic for the ATS is posted on the HireRight blog site. 

I wouldn’t call the resume robots “smart” or “friendly” – but you must create a resume that is smarter and friendlier than the robot scanning your qualifications summary.

Like all weapons in today’s job market, the ATS is a double-edged sword – it can help or hinder companies seeking people to fill job opportunities, and it can help or hinder job-seekers looking for work.

The best advice is to understand what and where the resume robots are looking for – and then fill your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with what the robots are looking for.

If this sounds a lot like SEO – search engine optimization – it is because it is. Placing the proper key words in all the proper places is what you need to feed the ATS – and get that interview invitation!