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A Musical Sculpture at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014   Leave a comment

Here is a wonderful musical sculpture crafted by Christopher T. Palmer on display at the Maker Faire. The piece is called “Nicht mit dem Titel, ein” Google translate says this means “Not with the title, a” or something like that.

It uses restored cuckoo clock whistles, a microcontroller, some model servos. It plays every 15 minutes.

IMG_0146 KH6WZ - cuckoo whistles


IMG_0147 kh6wz close up cuckoo whistle and bellows


More information on Chris and his  studio can be found here.

Watch the video on YouTube Channel KH6WZ!

More Maker Faire pictures and stories to come! Stay tuned!

What to Do with a Couple Hundred Electric Motors   1 comment

I came across this sculpture while doing some research on mechanical sculptures. The video is a bit long, but the creations look like a good way to use a bunch of surplus motors. . .  They make a noise that sounds like falling rain or a racquetball court – or – something.

>>>> Click here to see the works made by the artist called Zimoun