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A Whole Bunch of Interesting News Items   Leave a comment

I came across these interesting tid-bits and trivia, and decided to share them here

Toyota Texas Produces 1 Millionth Truck
A million of anything is a lot. This Toyota plant is in the USA and keeping folks working

Batmobile 1989 Runs on CNG
Compressed Natural Gas in a great application!

Utah Speed Limit – 80 MPH
Don’t you wish you were driving over there?

Volvo’s Hamster is Cooler than Kia’s Hamsters
Story about a single hamster driving a giant truck. Volvo’s hamster is real, Kia’s hamsters are fake.

Is it Just Me – Or is this a great example of a poor headline?   Leave a comment

Posted earlier this week on an industry online newsletter:

“Chevrolet Silverado Features Anti-Corrosion-Resistant Materials”

Does the new truck dissolve – or – what?

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