My LinkedIn Mentors Rock!   5 comments

Debra Faris, Greg Johnson, Sven Johnston and Ted Robison – My LinkedIn Mentors – Rock!

In February 2013, LinkedIn said that I am among the Top 1% most often viewed profiles in 2012. I thought, shoot, I bet they said this to all of their members. . . .

LinkedIn Top One Percent 2012

In any case, I could not have done it without these great people sharing their expertise.

Now I am “paying back” as a volunteer LinkedIn instructor at the Saddleback Career Coaching and Counseling program in Lake Forest, CA

5 responses to “My LinkedIn Mentors Rock!

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  1. Thanks Wayne! It is fun working with you. The great thing is, the learning is a two way street. We are also learning from you. Keep pushing the knowlege envelope!

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  3. I’m learning from the best, my mentor, Wayne Yoshida! Thank you Wayne for your guidance. Your humble student, Kathryn Brunette

    Kathryn Brunette
  4. Wayne Yoshida and Greg Johnson make the learning fun and results driven! Keep up the great work!

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