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It’s Here!   5 comments

My friend Dennis took these photos of the big delivery on October 9, 2012.

This was a tough delivery for Bob from Stewart Transport, since the delivery day was set right in the middle of a street re-surfacing week. The shipment had to be dragged on the dolly from the end of the street to my house, since the Stewart trailer is 70 feet-plus long, and could not make the right angle turn to my driveway.

Make a note of this and if you are not sure, verify with the Stewart Transport people about what is required (turning radius) to get to your house. I have had large cranes on my street (when a new air conditioning unit was installed at my house), but I think the crane may have been very wide, and not really long.

Another thing to consider is how much room you have to store all the boxes you will get. I received 24 large boxes – enough to fill one side of my two-car garage.

It took me two full days to take inventory of what I received, and I still need to check the “chassis-mounted parts.” Some items are on back-order, and I hope to see them soon.

Here are some pictures of the Big Day, taken by Dennis. The other images of the kit and parts were taken by me.

The famous Stewart Transport trailer with the built-in crane unloads a fresh Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe.

The Type 65 Coupe on the dolly at the end of my street.

Bob from Stewart Transport and the first dolly-load of boxes.

Taking Inventory. . .

I used a stack of not yet emptied boxes as my desk while taking inventory. Twenty-four boxes total.

I selected the Auto Meter gauge package from Factory Five Racing for my Coupe.

Beautiful wiring harness kit from Ron Francis Wiring.

I always wondered what that warning sticker said on all the Factory Five Racing hoods.

At the end of the second day, both the Coupe and Prius are in the garage.

The Building Phase begins – soon. Stay tuned!