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Expanding My Tool Collection   Leave a comment

I needed some new tools for my Coupe project. One day at the grocery store, I noticed one of those Coin Star machines. I always thought those were just another form of “one armed bandit,” until I took a closer look at the machine’s policies. Yes, there is a service charge in order to change money into money. Not quite sure what that percentage is, which is why I steered clear of those machines.

The Coin Star Machine – One Armed Bandit – or Alternative Financing?

But then I noticed something about fees being waived if you exchange coins for gift certificates from certain vendors. So I had to check that. Lo and behold! Lowe’s Hardware store is one of the vendors for this Coin Star exchange!

Take a look at what I got at Lowe’s for my jar of coins – – –

Torque Wrench, 1/2-inch drive

Snap Ring Pliers

Two Pairs Jack Stands (Not Shown)

A new half-inch drive “clicking” torque wrench, a pair of snap ring pliers and two pairs of jack stands recently purchased with “junk money.”

Speaking of the torque wrench, I really wanted a Sears Craftsman “clicking” torque wrench, but the guarantee is one year. What happened to the lifetime guarantee on Craftsman tools? The Kobalt torque wrench at Lowe’s has a lifetime guarantee.

I am anxiously awaiting the call from Stewart Transport. And I am still trying to clean out my garage!