Spiced and Smoked Almonds on the Big Green Egg   3 comments

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I smoked some almonds recently, using a recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen – the original recipe is available on the WGBH website

I made a batch in my oven several months ago, and they were great, so I wanted to try adding a smoky flavor, so I fired up the Big Green Egg, and added some hickory chips.

kh6wz - IMG_7860

But, something went wrong. Although they were okay, they weren’t great, and the smoke flavor was missing, even though I smoked for almost an hour at 300 degrees F.

More experiments are needed. The crunchy and spicy crust is good, but there’s no smoky flavor –  – I will try lowering the heat to 200 degrees and smoke them longer next time.

3 responses to “Spiced and Smoked Almonds on the Big Green Egg

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  1. I want to try my hand at smoking some almonds. Its on the ‘To Do” list. Do you start with raw almonds? I know you will get this figured out and I’ll be watching to see your method.

    • Yes – start with raw almonds, since you are roasting them anyway. Any kind of your favorite nuts will work. In one of the America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks, the whole story/explanation is provided, and how the use of egg whites are the secret breakthrough for a crispy, crunchy crust.

      Most likely the temp was too high, I will try to get a much lower temp – like in smoking cheese or something.

      • How low do you think you need to go? I just ordered an A-Maze-N smoker for bacon and cheese, but from what I understand it puts out little to no heat. That’s probably too low and wouldn’t cook the almonds I’m thinking. Regardless, thanks for documenting your attempts.

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