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My “new guy BBQ” happened on schedule. I met a handful of the local builders and had a great time talking about the kit and getting some advice from the guys who built their cars. Mikey and Mike and Larry and Julie and Julie and Frank and JJ and some others are now new friends. Even with name tags, I still can’t remember everyone’s name – and I didn’t take enough pictures – so this means another gathering will have to happen again soon!

The guys helped me remove the rear body shell from the chassis. (Actually, they did most of the work.) This was an important step, because now I can start building the car.

I marked and removed all the chassis aluminum panels. Some panels were stuck or wedged solidly in place against the frame without any fasteners. The trunk floor is going to be very difficult to put back in – I had to pull, bend and twist the sheet to get it out of the car. While doing this, I made some pretty deep scratches in the side panels and the chassis. I think cutting the trunk floor in half lengthwise will make it easier to put into place. We’ll see.

Here are some pictures from the gathering….

While some people slept, I started roasting a pair of tri-tip roasts on the Big Green Egg. . .

The BGE was still at cooking temperature, so I added some sausages . .. .

Awesome red Factory Five Racing Roadster

33 Hot Rod by Erik – it is low and black and mean!

Beautiful custom head rest!

Look very carefully at the switches on this dashboard

Coupe as received

Thanks to the guys visiting today, the body shell was removed – a significant step – since the project begins with un-building all of the sheet aluminum panels from the chassis.

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