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ImageOkay, I finally started a WordPress blog. I will be sharing topics I enjoy – from  Amateur (ham) Radio and serious barbecue, to writing and editing.

A New Project

I am just about ready to move from the “Planning” stage to the “Ordering” stage in my latest project: Building a Factory Five Racing 65 Coupe. I have been thinking about building one of these even before I had a drivers’ license! A great sale is on this month – 50% off all accessories – so I need to finalize my configuration and place my order in less than two weeks.

The picture above (from a 3/22/12 post by vnmsss on the Factory Five Racing forum) is what I am talking about…. and is the color scheme that is close to what I have in mind – although I want black competition stripes.

Building a kit car will take two years, so this will generate a lot of content on this site!

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