Teaser Box of Stuff from the Factory!   Leave a comment

Just before dinner tonight, I went to check my mailbox. But I stopped when I saw a white box with Factory Five Racing logo on it.

The FedEx man arrived at my house in stealth mode today. I was studying and although I heard a diesel truck stop, I did not hear a box land just outside of my gate.

one of many

This is the first box of stuff for my Type 65 Coupe

I received the manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCOO), the nameplate with my serial number, a set of four rear taillights and a pair of upper control arms for the front suspension.

factory five racing type 65 red taillights

Ahhhhhh, the smell of new car parts is great!

Building Serial Number 586 begins soon.

Expanding My Tool Collection   Leave a comment

I needed some new tools for my Coupe project. One day at the grocery store, I noticed one of those Coin Star machines. I always thought those were just another form of “one armed bandit,” until I took a closer look at the machine’s policies. Yes, there is a service charge in order to change money into money. Not quite sure what that percentage is, which is why I steered clear of those machines.

The Coin Star Machine – One Armed Bandit – or Alternative Financing?

But then I noticed something about fees being waived if you exchange coins for gift certificates from certain vendors. So I had to check that. Lo and behold! Lowe’s Hardware store is one of the vendors for this Coin Star exchange!

Take a look at what I got at Lowe’s for my jar of coins – – –

Torque Wrench, 1/2-inch drive

Snap Ring Pliers

Two Pairs Jack Stands (Not Shown)

A new half-inch drive “clicking” torque wrench, a pair of snap ring pliers and two pairs of jack stands recently purchased with “junk money.”

Speaking of the torque wrench, I really wanted a Sears Craftsman “clicking” torque wrench, but the guarantee is one year. What happened to the lifetime guarantee on Craftsman tools? The Kobalt torque wrench at Lowe’s has a lifetime guarantee.

I am anxiously awaiting the call from Stewart Transport. And I am still trying to clean out my garage!